FORBES: Your Mom's Guide to Bitcoin

Check out this FAQ guide, perfect for beginners and those seeking a refresher.

It’s finally here. The #Bitcoin for beginners guide you’ve been waiting for.

Send it to you Mom, your Grandma, or that co-worker that keeps asking you about “this Bitcoin thing.” Or quietly read it yourself as a refresher.

This super easy to follow FAQ answers the most commonly asked questions about the digital currency.


Little Bit – StoneToss

By Tatiana Koffman

Hi there and thanks for reading. If you stumble upon my newsletter, you will notice that I write about money, economics and technology.  I hold a JD/MBA and spent my career in Capital Markets working across Mergers & Acquisitions, Derivatives, Venture Capital and Cryptocurrencies. I believe in empowerment through closing the financial education gap and creating equality of opportunity for the next generation. Check out my articles in Forbes here.

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