Myth of Money: Coinbase reports $1.8B revenue for Q1

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Dear Investors,

Coinbase’s first earnings call beat all expectations.

In its highly anticipated direct listing on the NASDAQ on April 14, the crypto unicorn published estimated financial results for the first quarter of 2021 on Tuesday, reporting $1.8 billion in total revenue for the first quarter of 2021.

Key figures:

  • $335 billion in trading volume, as compared to the $89 billion in Q4 2020

  • Net income of "approximately $730 million to $800 million" for the period

  • 56 million verified customers and 6.1 million monthly transacting customers

  • $322.3 million in 2020 profits versus a roughly $30 million loss in 2019

  • Coinbase's current implied valuation is $121.7 billion

Coinbase indicated that it may spend upwards of $1 billion over the course of 2021:

"Looking to full year 2021, in order to scale our operations and to continue to drive product innovation, we expect our technology and development expenses and our general and administrative expenses to be between $1.3 billion to $1.6 billion, excluding stock-based compensation, in 2021."

Coinbase also indicated that it will boost its marketing spend this year. Full transcript here.

Overall, this is an incredibly bullish signal for us ‘bitcoiners.’

Crypto entrepreneurs are no longer asking the traditional financial system for acceptance. We are simply eclipsing it.

This Week By the Numbers 📈

Stocks continue to be on fire, with the Dow and S&P closing at records. Bitcoin hovered back up over $60,000.

Top Stories  🗞 

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Sacramento Kings to Offer Bitcoin Salary Option to All Players

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DA Davidson Raises Coinbase Price Target to $440 From $195 After Q1 Earnings

Crypto exchange Coinbase’s blowout Q1 earnings results led investment bank DA Davidson to up its price target for the company’s soon-to-be-direct-listed shares by 125%. Rating COIN a “buy,” Davidson raised the exchange’s share price target from $195 to $440, which is a 20x multiple of its expected 2021 revenue. The analysts said the company’s Q1 performance was proof the crypto exchange giant could generate “healthy margins” despite the uncertainty of the bitcoin markets.  Davidson estimates Coinbase will have 205.6 million shares outstanding. While that share count may change, it “does imply a $90 billion market cap,” said Gil Luria, head of institutional research at Davidson.  Read Full Story.

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