Myth of Money: Is it Game Over for Bitcoin?

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Crypto markets have been incredibly volatile this week, with Bitcoin moving several times within the $35,000 to $40,000 range. I have received a lot of questions about whether we are going to see a crash and how to protect yourself, so I have decided to address these below.

Before we begin, I am a true believer in Bitcoin’s potential.

Bitcoin’s positive impact and long-term value, however, do not always correlate to current price.

What is Bitcoin volatility being caused by?

(1) Potential Tether Scandal

For those who are new to the crypto markets, Tether is a stablecoin with a market cap of $24 billion. It is also the most common form of digital dollar used today, frequently utilized by traders to exit positions into dollar-equivalents without leaving the digital world.

The premise behind Tether, is that there is an equivalent number of dollars sitting in a bank, backing its value. Except, this fact has not been verified. (A great essay on this here.)

The regulators have been asking questions for years, and investors are currently awaiting on clarification from the New York Attorney General. If Tether is in fact not fully backed, that means the supply of Tether was artificially inflated, and in turn, so was Bitcoin. If this were to be the case, we could see a collapse of epic proportions.

(2) Market Manipulation

The current market cap of Bitcoin is $654 billion. Even as the asset continues to grow, it is still surprisingly centralized. Let’s look at who are some of the largest holders of Bitcoin that are known to us. (Many more continue to be anonymous.)

These individual holdings are astounding, with investor Chamath Palihapitya holding $35B USD equivalent of the circulating supply.

What would happen to the price of Bitcoin if just two of these individuals got together to flash sell?

(3) Natural Bull Cycle

The final factor to consider is the natural bull cycle in markets. Bitcoin price went up too fast, tripling within 30 days. This type of price action is enough to make any investor a little manic. I personally went through a phase of losing sleep, and checking my accounts every five minutes.

But all euphoria eventually comes to an end, and predictably so.

The following is a graph of the typical bull cycle. I can’t tell you where we are in it with any amount of certainty, but it sure feels like a “bull trap” to me.

The Remedy

Before you panic sell everything you own, consider that most profits are made by staying in the market when times seem tough.

My recommendation is to take some profits. For me, it was 25% of my holdings. I can sleep at night knowing I took some profits from this run and will have dry powder to get back in if there is a massive dip.

This Week By the Numbers

Markets fell across the board amid a growing divide in America and continued COVID-related restrictions. Investors should have rejoiced at Biden’s speech laying out a $1.9 trillion stimulus plan, but economic data including retail sales and slowing energy sector continue to pull down the economy.

Quick summary of President Elect Joe Biden’s new $1.9 trillion stimulus package:

  • $25 billion for rental assistance

  • $5 billion for overdue water and energy bills

  • Extension of the nationwide eviction moratorium

  • $350 billion for local, state and tribal governments

  • $2,000 stimulus check for taxpayers and their dependents

  • Enhanced unemployment benefits of $400 per week

  • $160 billion provision for the nationwide vaccination effort

  • Emergency paid leave for 106 million people

  • $15-per-hour national minimum wage

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