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In a historic moment, Joe Biden became the 46th president-elect of the United States of America, gathering 279 electoral votes. Democrats maintained control of Congress and currently tied for Senate majority.

The Democrat trifecta, also known as the ‘blue wave’, has been received positively by financial markets.

As investors consider the blue wave in their investment decisions, the following are some of the key investment decisions factors each investor faces.

  1. Stability - The number one reason why the Biden-Harris ticket was appealing to voters is the ability of this duo to reinstate stability for both large, small and global American businesses, a positive sign for the stock market.

  2. Inflation - The next stimulus package of $2T+ is likely to help even more businesses and families that need it. The downside is that we are getting dangerously close to issuing 50% of the American GDP in monetary and fiscal stimulus. Rising asset prices represent faith in Biden’s ability to stimulate the economy, as well as those seeking inflation shelter in equities.

  3. Taxes - Biden has been clear about his plans to increases taxes. There is strong fear of increase in income tax, capital gain and inheritance taxes. Businesses are taking steps to set up residencies in tax-free zones such as Monaco, UAE and BVI.

  4. Volatility - Although the VIX fell sharply this week, the volatility index remains a popular among investors as a hedge again the current economic status.

  5. Bitcoin - With Bitcoin gaining 30%+ over the last month, the digital asset is being accepted as a hedge against currency risk more broadly .

This Week By the Numbers

In their best week since April, stocks continued to rise this week, amid speculation of a Biden-Harris win. Bitcoin his another all time high for 2020, by quickly breaking $16k before retreating.

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