Wall Street Continues to Vote for Bitcoin

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This week, financial institutions continued to echo what us Bitcoin-ers have said all along - digital assets are the future.

Last week:

1) Fidelity advised its investors to allocate 1% - 5% into Bitcoin

2) Stone Ridge ($10B AUM) purchased $115M in Bitcoin

3) Grayscale's publicly traded Bitcoin Fund had its biggest quarter ever with $1B+ of inflows

This week:

1) Franklin Templeton ($700M AUM) invests in Curv, a blockchain-based asset custodian

2) Mode Global, a UK public company, is allocating 10% of its cash reserves to Bitcoin

3) PayPal announces that it will open up its network to cryptocurrencies

PayPal is in Crypto?

With 345 million users and 25 million merchants, PayPal is the 20th largest ‘bank’ by deposits. The new services will allow users to buy, sell and use crypto within the PayPal network, making crypto more accessible and acceptable than ever before. The company is also preparing its services for central bank-backed digital currencies such as the DCEP, the digital Euro and the Digital Dollar.

“We are working with central banks and thinking of all forms of digital currencies and how PayPal can play a role,” said President and Chief Executive Dan Schulman

The PayPal announcement sent Bitcoin soaring past $13,000 as retail buyers piled in.

The trends are clear…

1) Private and public companies are now viewing Bitcoin as a treasury management tool.

2) Retail interest is back for cryptocurrencies. Winter is over.

3) Blockchain and Bitcoin are officially accepted in traditional financial markets. Goodbye silk road. Hello to the new age of digital banking.

This Week By the Numbers 

This week marked Bitcoin’s divergence from the traditional markets, with the digital asset finally acting as the hedge many have purported it to be. Volatility continued as we are a mere 10 days from the American election, and the U.S. Congress has yet to pass a much needed stimulus bill. Meanwhile, global instability combined with several positive institutional signals for Bitcoin, have led to a price appreciation of 15% of the digital asset.

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Goldman Sachs unit pleads guilty in Malaysian bribery case and agrees to pay $2.9 billion

Goldman Sachs's Malaysian subsidiary has pleaded guilty to charges that it conspired to violate US anti-bribery laws in a massive scheme. The case centers on $4.5 billion that the US Justice Department says was stolen from Malaysia's sovereign wealth fund, and used to buy New York condos, hotels, yachts and a jet, and to fund movies such as "The Wolf of Wall Street."Goldman has agreed to pay about $2.9 billion to various authorities. The bank said that CEO Solomon and other top executives would have their 2020 compensation reduced by $31 million, and that the firm would seek to recoup about $76 million paid or owed to three former Goldman executives implicated in the bribery scheme. In addition, the board will claw back $67 million paid to executives from 2011 to 2013, including some retired executives, such as former CEO Lloyd Blankfein. Read Full Story.

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